“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames” ―Rumi

  • "Alisha's insightful views were essential to introduce our company to the US market. As a Marketing Strategic Advisor she was able to execute goals with great effectiveness and with a rare balance between professionalism and friendliness!"

  • “Working with Alisha was an absolute pleasure. She has a a gift to understand things intuitively, as well as an ambition to help others be seen and succeed. Without her focus and flexibility, I would not have been able to present myself and messages with as much focus or depth.  Also, there is a foundation of trust that I feel we have established, which is essential for me.”

  • “Alisha Golden is an imaginative, creative, and special woman. She is able to see potential in a brand/person and communicate the purpose of that company/founder in an inspirational way. Alisha and I also worked together to create the #IamWhole event--- an afternoon of wellness, spirituality and yoga. She came up with the theme #IamWhole which truly encapsulated the initiative and generated overwhelmingly positive feedback that left our guests wanting more, and our sponsors onboard for all future projects."